Posted by: Xesko | February 7, 2011

The new Master has arrived

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Finally my journey through the MA Contemporary Fine Art, finished. I started this MA with many preconceived ideas and finished with a deeper knowledge about myself.

Where I learned to formulate the right questions and to identify and reflect on my work reviewing it, putting alternative issues, and exploring the context in which he stood, and I began to understand the concept of omnipresent image and the reference to a new angle of lost insurance, and how the image can become a threat and also a form of control.

I learned to understand and better understood the concept of provocation and how it embodies and architect and their impact is continually built and rebuilt. But more importantly I learned to open my mind to new visions demonstrated in the work of other artists, curators and art writers and how to interpret them through critical analysis.

In short, now, I had a more inquisitive and open mind, to cultivate a practice of self-analysis, and focus my ideas into specific objectives, incorporating in my work artistic sociocultural sustainable and robust capacity, through understanding contemporary art as a hybrid and mutable field, by seeking relationships with several areas of knowledge, making use of available technologies, research practices, and areas of disclosure, maintaining a close relationship essential to art as a contemporary historical discourse, whose materiality will drink to the past to extrapolate the present, in a unique and individual journey whose ultimate aim is the culmination of a project simultaneously real and audible within the contemporary art.

So this was the culmination of my journey…

I introduce to you all “Xesko” the New Master.

(Now I have time to Blog again…)



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