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Xesko, Angola

I am an artist from Luanda/Angola, living in Sheffield/UK at the moment. I am involved with art since young, I began writing to the 14 Years old and painting to the 16 (Watercolours and Chinese Ink). In that time, I have published some short stories and poems in several magazines and newspapers. In the secondary School, I was a Founder and Publisher of the Magazine “The Bantalas” entirely dedicated to the Arts (Art Painting, Photograph, Prose and Poetry) and I have participated in a contest of Art Painting whose aim was create a poster commemorative of the anniversary of the M.P.L.A. obtaining the 1st place.

From 1982 to 1999 I was involved in several musical and theatrical projects as a technician, musician, producer and director, writing several adaptations and two original pieces.

I love experiencing new techniques and ideas, my work is strongly influenced by the African art and by the work of Salvador Dali.

My work is full of a many different styles but I particularly love to work with realistic figurative art.

I’m working exclusively as a professional artist, since the beginning of the new Millennium.

I developed a new way of see and understanding art called Dispersionism.

Presently I’m doing the MA Contemporary Fine Art at the Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom.

Want to know more? www.xesko.webs.com

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