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I have several Heteronyms and Aliases but here I will describe only those that appear on the Blog.

Alan J. Banta is a civil engineer, born in the year of 1952 in Kakamas, a village located in the Northern Cape, South Africa but living and working in Angola. After independence, in 1975, remained in the country, for he considers his true home. This heteronym, emerges as a proliferous writer of Fantasy and Science Fiction, because of their South African origins and English education, is tending to express in a very classical way.

Brook Davis is an Art Critic, born in 25 December 1969 in Dublin, Ireland. Is a tall, dark-eyed, manly-looking seductive man whit a perfect athletic body. In adolescence he had frequented the noviciate from the Catholic Church, but his unstable life full of love affairs made him change its initial vocation to the priesthood for a life more typical bohemian who is normally connected to the arts. He have study in the Slade School of Fine Art, where he have obtain a PhD in Fine Art.

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