Dispersionism Manifesto

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(Unpublished on paper – Published by 1st time in my official web site – www.xesko.webs.com)

By Xesko

We are only a small presence in the great unconscious and natural flow of the whole, invisible to the human eye but visible to society. Each one part of the whole, but it is the addition of each one that makes the society. Everything flows from one side to another, knowing this; the flow can be decomposed and recombined.

As such the art exists as a whole and over time began to diverge and reclash*. So the society, while one, decomposes and recombine. If a current disappears, another appears in a continuous progression.

Art is a mix of several media and substances to be consumed according to the individual views and tastes, but according to the global preference of society.

The Dispersionism argues that all art has a center of origin and then scatter in different directions. Assume, therefore, that every form of art has a particular history of dispersion through a stable human community. However, some types of art jump beyond this barrier, it is possible that they proliferate as an independent state and during a certain period of time, may become a new form of art aesthetics or style.

Therefore, the Dispersionism results in the search of unification of the different existing forms of art and at the same time are searching for their evolution.

In other words, all new forms of art can be considered Dispersionism, just as an amalgam of various forms of art, also is.

Objectives of the Dispersionism:

1 – Ignore the static concepts and anti-evolutionary sought by society.

2 – Ignore the concepts of continuity and search diversification.

3 – Break the established rules of society and scatter them.

4 – Rebuild Art, decompose it and recombine it.

5 – Search for constant evolutionary processes and avoid stagnation.

6 – Enforce to the society the evolutionary art consumption standards (branding) and not vice versa.

7 – Never be satisfied (always be unsatisfied) with the final product, always seek to create new forms of art, aesthetics or styles.

* Reclash – Clashing between them.

Note: The first Dispersionism Manifesto was published in the Nº1, Magazine “The Bantalas“, 1977, Luanda, Angola.

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